COS-LPC Introduction

As one of the professional committee under the Chinese Optical Society, the Chinese Optical Society of Laser Processing Committee (COS-LPC ) was established in Beijing in January 1992. Currently, the committee has more than 200 members, the number of members with a bachelor's degree is 120, and more than 60 members holding master's degree or above. The composition of the committee members mainly includes: 60% of the members come from universities and research institutes, and 40% of the total members come from enterprises. The COS-LPC has set up a secretariat and a full-time Secretary-General is responsible for the office routine of the secretariat.
Complying with the rules of the Chinese Optical Society, the Laser Processing Committee adheres to the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, while abides by the social morality to uniting the great quantities of scientific and technological staff in the optical community, and carries out international and domestic academic exchanges and cooperation of optical science and technology to advancing the development of China's optical industry.

Primary Missions:
1.Actively carrying out scientific and technological exchange activities of laser processing, and organizing academic seminars and research activities ;
2.Conducting international academic exchanges and cooperation to strengthen friendly companionship with international laser technological groups and laser technical workers;
3.arrying out the display and exchange of laser technological achievements at home and abroad;
4.Carrying out activities such as popularization of laser technology, technical development, technology promotion and scientific and technological consultation;
5.Accepting the commission of relevant departments or units to conduct project demonstration and achievement appraisal for laser technology;
6.Making recommendation to relevant government departments based on the development status and demand of the laser manufacturing industry;
7.Holding academic conferences and industry exhibitions on a regular basis;
8. Publishing the professional magazine of the laser industry titled ‘Laser International China’.

Chairman of COS-LPC: Youliang Wang
Secretary-General: Chao Chen
Add: Rm. 401, 4#, No. 30, Hongcao Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Postal Code: 200233 
Tel: +86-21 6485 2528 
Mobile: 13916364988

Member Development:
Shankun Liu (
Yi Xie (

Magazine & Media Promotion:
Jingxian Xie (

Honorary Chairman 
Wenjing Liu, Tsinghua University

Youliang Wang, Chairman of Laser Processing Committee of Chinese Optical Society

Vice Chairmen
Maocai Wang, vice-chairmen of Laser Processing Committee of Chinese Optical Society, and researcher of Shenyang Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Xiao Zhu, Director of National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Prof. Qingmao Zhang, Dean of School of Information and Optoelectronic Science and Engineering , South China Normal University
Prof. Rongshi Xiao, Institute of Laser Engineering , Beijing University of Technology
Yan Chen, General Manager and Professor-Level Senior Engineer of Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
Rangda Wu, General Manager and Professor-Level Senior Engineer of Penta-Chutian Laser Co.,Ltd.
Jingwen Luo, General Manager and Senior Engineer of Shanghai Smart Prima Technology Co.,Ltd
Dayong Min, President, General Manager and Senior Engineer of Suzhou Everbright photonics Co.Ltd.
Bo Gu, President of Boson technology Co.,Ltd. , Vice Secretary General and Professor of The Chinese Optical Society

Secretary General
Chao Chen,Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society

Vice Secretary General
Shankun Liu , Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society
Jing Chen , Professor of Northwestern Polytechnical University
Ting Huang , Associate Professor of Beijing University of Technology

Yi Xie, Jingxian Xie